Transport Service



The Zaragoza Cup venues are structured along line 1 of the Aragonese capital tram. All the pavilions are close, or relatively close, to one of their stops.

We are committed to sustainable mobility and for this reason we think that the best way to move around the city on those days is this means.

Likewise, within our possibilities, we also work hard so that the accommodation of the participants is as close as possible to a tram stop.

If you are going to participate in the Zaragoza Cup, we encourage you to travel in it. But, VERY IMPORTANT

*Tournament accreditation is NOT used to travel for free.

What happens to the participating teams from Zaragoza? The teams from the city itself are in charge of the trips to the different venues.

And with the teams from outside? The Tranvía de Zaragoza, as a company collaborating with the tournament, makes travel cards available to travel during the competition days.

The organization is in charge of providing them at the beginning of the tournament. And it must be delivered when each team ends its participation. When the trips run out, a representative of the team must contact the organization to renew the charge of the card.

In any case:

  • Being a participant in the Zaragoza Cup does not grant the right to travel without the corresponding ticket on the tram, or in any public means.
  • It must always be validated with the corresponding card.
  • The Tramways of Zaragoza will penalize, accordingly, those participants who make illegal use of this medium.